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January 06, 2017





Happy New Year!  
What a year 2016 was!  A defining year!  And much of what was started (its probably more correct to say ‘released’) in 2016 continues on through most of 2017, both for ourselves, and also globally.  It will continue to be what I call a ‘Teflon’ year through to October, where try as we might nothing much ‘sticks.’  It feels like seeds we are planting are constantly blowing away in the wind.
There is a reason for this so-called Teflon energy, and maybe with hindsight we wouldn’t want most things to ‘stick.’  There is a birthing process going on within us that is underneath all this chaos.  Remember that the areas that are challenging us most are always the greatest opportunity for inner growth.  The area that is most challenging for much of 2017 is relationships – any form of relationship, friendship, lovers, child/parent, work relationships.  The area in relationships that is challenging is communication.  We are all ready for an update, or reset in regard to how we communicate and relate to one another.  Words have consequence.  As does thoughts.  There needs to be more understanding, listening, respect, and appreciation of one another.  It would be nice if it were the Year of Tenderness.
Today, could be ‘Tenderness Day,’ as it is January 6, and is Magi Day (Epiphany), the day when the three Magi (magician/astrologers) or Wise Men, came and gave gifts to baby Jesus.  Babies evoke tenderness from us, why does it change?
How would your IAM communicate?  Yes… lovingly.
We are (humanity) at a crossroads.  It really is time to wake up, before its too late.  This is especially true with regard to all our global issues, whose effects eventually trickle down to our individual lives.  Global issues like climate change, ongoing conflicts and wars, the gap between the wealthy and the rest of us, the nuclear threat being ratcheted up, the possible extinction of many animals and so on.  What is the world, our world becoming?
As we move into this new year, many do so with trepidation, there is great apprehension for the year ahead, what will a Trump presidency look like and how will his policies effect the world, will Brexit help unravel the European Union, who will be the Heads of State by the end of the year?  Our fate is in their hands.  Or is it?
The theme of change continues in earnest in 2017, there will be much uncertainty, expect many surprises, some shocks, and often a feeling of ‘phoniness’ a feeling of this can’t be real, can’t be happening.  
It will be a political vortex, causing even more polarization.  With no space between to amble, explore, research, play… unless you claim it.
Identity chaos will continue, mostly borne out of the over-identification with the digital world.  Its time to bring balance to this, and get back into your body, especially for young people.  
It will indeed be an unprecedented year. 
2017 also sees many lessons for us around power; the correct use of power, and the realization that you as an individual are not powerless.  Events will this year, as with many previous years, make you feel powerless – what can I do?   You can consciously claim your power, and embrace your IAMness.   Your love helps.  Your presence helps.  We can have peaceful uncertainty. 
When there is collectively profound anxiety and deep concern within, some may express this overtly by an extreme need to ‘stay in control’ at all times, this manifests as controlling behaviour.  And extremes of ‘we are right, and you are wrong,’ which can lead to conflict.  The only one you can control is yourself.  
So, power issues will be rampant this year, in relationships, business, government and so on.  This is not new, but with our ‘new eyes’ we will see it for what it really is.  
This year the world may feel like its on the brink of going out of control.  Especially, through words, and communication. 
2017 is pivotal to our lives; we are going to update our ideas and beliefs about our existence.  We are going to step up.  We are going to take on the challenges and not drown in our insecurities…we are not using them as an excuse any more.  
There is potential for collective awakening, especially around the issues of power, male ego and communication.  You will receive profound revelations; make sure you write them down as they disappear quickly if you don’t (this is because they come from other dimensions, and if they are not written down, they evaporate quickly).
Every time it might feel a bit tough, or you feel lost, or angry, or powerless, ask yourself this question: 
“ Is my IAM (at the centre of my being) alright?”  
Check in with your IAM often, your IAM is never lost, shattered, angry, tired, powerless, and if it is then it is not your IAM.  This is essential survival for the year ahead.  Your IAM is your divine self, use it wisely.
And say often, ‘I LIVE IN A LOVING WORLD.’   And so shall it be.
December 13, 2016





We are moving into the energy of the third Supermoon in as many months.  This Supermoon will ignite our minds, the mental levels in you are about to be updated!  Over the next two months this energy will open up a flood of ideas within you, and will aid your communication skills.  As we transform and move forward into the new,  communication becomes vital for success in all areas of our lives; listening and hearing is an important part of communication.  Your Higher Mind is ready to download!  
Unresolved wounds, particularly on the mind level, may come to the surface for healing in this ‘super’ moon energy.  An example of this would be suddenly hearing and recognizing the critic or judge within you, which is not part of the real you, but is usually ‘learnt’ behaviour, learnt from adults in your environment when you were young.  When you become conscious of the way your mind criticizes and judges you, and others, then you have an opportunity in that moment to stop it, transform your behaviour, and flick the critic off your shoulder, for good.  Then you are freer.
This third Supermoon energy continues the rapid transformational effect on us, a rapid change creating instability not seen since the early 1800’s.  
Added to this we have the energies of the Summer/Winter Solstice on and around the 21 December.  This is an event that happens every year, but this year it seems more powerful than ever.  From the 21st sudden and spectacular energy will be released from the spiritual forces, which will add to the intensity of now, and can be very enlightening or destructive, depending on how you receive and process this energy and the revelations it brings.  It is transforming, it is meant to open up within you a ‘vision of a new future’ for you, a feeling of new possibility, an excitement regarding the future.  Some may find this challenging, as it requires change, and those who are fearful of change could close down, and try to ‘control’ it within themselves.  Closing down is blocking the flow of energies within, which is destructive on all levels of the person.  
What seems to be happening with many people is that they are growing and changing inwardly much faster than their beliefs can contain, its time to embrace who you are becoming, not be fearful of the new you.  Remember, we are all in this together; we are all entering a new paradigm, some gladly, some kicking and complaining.  
This is being mirrored back to us worldwide, many countries are doing the unthinkable, saying the unthinkable, political correctness is dead, we are being thrown back on ourselves to think and decide for ourselves what’s true, what’s important, and what to live by.  We can no longer trust the news (fake news abounds), or politicians, or governing bodies, and so on.
And on top of all this we have the outpouring of Christmas energies, which this year are good for any social activities, there will be surprises, and some chaos, especially around travel (double check all travel arrangements).  This Christmas energy has a feel of  ‘take courage, and stand against the ‘herd’ but do it gently!
May the Christmas angels shine upon you and bring you peace and joy.
November 30, 2016






I am calling 2016 Teflon Year, because nothing seems to stick; it seems as if the seeds (of everything) we plant don’t take root, they just disappear.  This will continue for some time into 2017.   
This is partly because of the rapid transformational energy that is swirling around not allowing anything to ‘land,’ its like we are experimenting with different ideas, solutions, ways of being… until we find something that ‘sticks.’  Lets face it, not much makes sense in our world anymore!  Perhaps this is how its meant to be.
We are still experiencing the Supermoon energies that feel, at times, quite crazy.  This energy has the feeling of ‘everything changing all at once… and this is only the beginning.’  
There are real transformations happening within people, it takes faith and trust to get through this change.  Its important to realize that about 90% of what’s going on is UNSEEN.
A spiritual call is being heralded from deep within the cosmic heavens to the depth of each of your cells.  We are redrawing the ‘line,’ we are being faced with our destiny; we have turned a karmic corner.  
Part of this destiny call is a sense that our sacred contracts are up for appraisal, how are we going with them?  This is particularly true in regard to our relationships and friendships.  This is not a time to be overly old-fashioned about relationship expectations; it is time to understand that we need to learn a new independence within relationships where space for each person is respected.  Without this space relationships will not flourish as we move into the new consciousness.  
This is a wonderful energy for new ideas, creativity, researching yourself!  Doing things differently, experimenting with a new version of you.
Remember, say  “IAMTHATIAM” when it all seems too hectic, that will take you straight to your still place within.
Be strong in the Light,
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