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November 30, 2016






I am calling 2016 Teflon Year, because nothing seems to stick; it seems as if the seeds (of everything) we plant don’t take root, they just disappear.  This will continue for some time into 2017.   
This is partly because of the rapid transformational energy that is swirling around not allowing anything to ‘land,’ its like we are experimenting with different ideas, solutions, ways of being… until we find something that ‘sticks.’  Lets face it, not much makes sense in our world anymore!  Perhaps this is how its meant to be.
We are still experiencing the Supermoon energies that feel, at times, quite crazy.  This energy has the feeling of ‘everything changing all at once… and this is only the beginning.’  
There are real transformations happening within people, it takes faith and trust to get through this change.  Its important to realize that about 90% of what’s going on is UNSEEN.
A spiritual call is being heralded from deep within the cosmic heavens to the depth of each of your cells.  We are redrawing the ‘line,’ we are being faced with our destiny; we have turned a karmic corner.  
Part of this destiny call is a sense that our sacred contracts are up for appraisal, how are we going with them?  This is particularly true in regard to our relationships and friendships.  This is not a time to be overly old-fashioned about relationship expectations; it is time to understand that we need to learn a new independence within relationships where space for each person is respected.  Without this space relationships will not flourish as we move into the new consciousness.  
This is a wonderful energy for new ideas, creativity, researching yourself!  Doing things differently, experimenting with a new version of you.
Remember, say  “IAMTHATIAM” when it all seems too hectic, that will take you straight to your still place within.
Be strong in the Light,
October 13, 2016





There are powerful energies building at the moment towards a Supermoon on 15/16th October.  This is a peak intensity Full Moon, a big tsunami of spiritual and cosmic energy coming towards us.
What does this mean?  A supermoon is when the Full Moon (and New Moon) is closest to the Earth in its orbit, making the moon appear at its largest to us here on Earth.   Although there are two more supermoons after this, November 14 and December 14, this is by far the biggest spiritual and celestial event of 2016.  The energy of the Supermoon will last until 30 October, but its ramifications for us as individuals and globally will last for a very long time.  One could say this is era-defining moment.  It is large, deep, and global.  
Something new is emerging!
So what can happen?  This particular Supermoon’s energy temporarily reduces Earth’s magnetic field, creating an opportunity for an expanded sense of self, and expanded connection to spirit, and even other dimensions.  This energy is here to  help expand our awareness.  It can make you feel ‘super’ (supersized ego), larger-than-life, and invincible.  This is a potent time, and for most people it is an opportunity to progress, become more conscious, and if you can stay open on the heart chakra level you can ‘breathe in’ a new vibration of light.  But for those people who already have ‘supersized egos’ and think they are invincible (this includes some of our world leaders, and would-be world leaders) this added volume of extraordinary and unique power will/is creating many crises, hubris, injustice, violence, crazy notions, upheavals, conflict and possibly war.  
For a long time we have lived with an underlying sense of chaos, just below the surface, it as if we could scratch it and all hell will be unleashed.  We have been doing all we can to placate this sense of chaos, such as band aid it, or constantly smoothing things over.  But in this energy, we can no long pretend its not there.  This energy is very electrical, fast and sparky, (St. Germain) and revealing.  The energetic volume is turned up HIGH, our nervous system is on high alert, we feel very sensitive, and this can lead to combustible outbursts.  It can also lead to transformation.  Sudden out-of-the-blue breakthroughs are possible, and unusual and exciting developments in one’s career, and one’s life are also possible.    
Transformation, awakening, often comes with outrageous shocks and surprises, you will notice this both in your own life and globally.  Watch the news.
We are at the end of a long, laborious journey.  Our minds are tired.  Our thinking is tired.  Our thoughts are tired.  So much overload on our minds, it has been difficult to focus, difficult to have clarity.   This relentless non-cyclical change and constant pressure just to get through the day has taught us resilience.  We have learnt to live with a feeling of constantly shifting ground, as if in an earthquake zone.  Because the change is so constant now we NEVER seem to get the chance to adapt to the change that’s just happened.  It’s a whirlwind.  
We now experience life as constantly and rapidly being updated, revised, renewed, deleted, upgraded, downloaded, with no sense of control or choice.  This relentless change gives us no sense of accomplishment.  
In this Supermoon energy, you may for a short time have a sense of ‘unravelling’.  This is a deep sensation, and can be frightening, but it wont last more than a few days, and is usually an unravelling of the soul to reveal its brilliance.
There are some things you can do to help yourself survive this high force energy:
You may be challenged to your core, you may have an identity crisis, you may be challenged to show ‘what really lies beneath’ in you.  Meet the challenge.  
Remember, that you have always got YOU.  Within you is an underlying wholeness.  
Be vigilant. 
Be grounded.  
You may be called to figure out what is really essential to you. 
Never forget, YOU ARE LIGHT. 
It would be helpful over the next few months to say on waking:
And just before sleeping saying:
Many blessings.  Peace.
December 08, 2015






Wishing you a Merry Christmas, and joy in all you do!
PEACE ON EARTH;  GOODWILL TO ALL is a strong theme during the Christmas season.  We see it so often at this time of year that we don’t really read it or take it in… read it again with full presence, attention and consciousness.  It is the theme of this present moment in time.  Every year it is repeated because it is part of the Christ teachings, part of the Christ Consciousness; it is also our collective world lesson, or you could say our ‘world karma.’  This is what all souls incarnated now, previously, and in the future are learning:  PEACE.  Goodwill, is compassion, tolerance and understanding of others regardless of their religion or race or any other factor.  
As you ‘clink’ your classes in celebration of Christmas or the holiday season this year, remember in your soul to say ‘Peace.’  
During the recent world events that caused mayhem and loss, there was much bravery, but there was also an outpouring of fear (opposite to peace) that now touches us all.  This is normal, we feel threatened.  It is at these times, especially, when we should not dwell in the fear or negative thoughts, as this pulls us into the ‘dark’ but seek to, as I call it, ‘hold the Light’ within you.  This is a time when the ‘negative in our world is working overtime’ so it is important to protect yourself with loving thoughts, loving action, a sense of hope and strength, and to call on Archangel Michael to help uplift and protect you and your loved ones.  
The Ascended Masters and the Christmas angels are not well pleased with the negative forces that are trying to destroy our world.  The next few months sees their beautiful light forces streaming out powerfully to challenge these old ways, and any old stuck ideas.  This will effect all of us as individuals also.  
Peace starts with you.  Try practising peace within for five minutes a day.  We cannot let fear dominate the world, or ourselves.  You are here to Hold the Light.  As you do this call in the Master’s Light to imbue you, saying ‘IAMTHATIAM.’
Christmas day this year falls on a full moon.  It is a good time for family, though there is a great deal of lunar energy on that day.  We will see the family and our friends clearly, and also see our ‘place’ in the family clearly!  It could be a heightened emotional day if you feel insecure or have issues with the maternal side of your family.    Peace…  
Goodwill to all.
We are Light.  
Christmas blessings to all.
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