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October 29, 2017





The Great American Eclipse on 21/22 August and the consequent outpouring of spiritual energies certainly has had an escalating effect on all of us, on all levels, and in particular with the many natural and man-made disasters in U.S.A. and elsewhere.
The basic meaning of the word ‘dis-aster’ is ‘against the stars.’  Perhaps meaning against the natural order of things, and against the Universal Laws, and so on.  From my understanding it also means ‘against the astral (ie ‘aster’).’  We all have an astral body (you could call it your ‘star body’), which is part of our aura. As the astral body contains the soul it is a very important part of us, plus the astral has many other functions.  
Primarily, at this stage in spiritual evolution for humankind, we are meant to be ‘cleansing and purifying our astral body’ so that we can all expand our awareness and attain higher levels of consciousness and have a greater purer mind.  Purifying the astral is not easy, because it is also the ‘desire body’ that includes any kind of desire.  Purifying the astral body does not mean eradicating desire, which is impossible, because even wanting to purify the astral body is a desire.  What we are learning is to become master of our astral body, master of our desires, master of ourselves.  This is what cleanses and purifies us.
This is why when disasters happen in the world, and in our own personal lives, it often results after all the pain, chaos and difficulties in transformation and a better way of life.  Dis-aster, going against the natural (usual) order of things smashes through or against our astral bodies allowing healing and revelation to happen.
There is a tremendous amount going on many, many, levels at the moment, it feels like our heads will blow off shortly trying to understand it, deal with it, and contain it.  There is a lot of inner change happening, which is good; like having great realizations about your issues, or your past, future, passions, purpose, relationships etc.  Some of it is very confusing, tedious, irritating, and annoying.  Everyone is tense, waiting for something to happen, that’s how it feels.
It looks like, on a soul level, we are all pregnant about to give birth… to what?  What is it for you?  What’s trying to come out more?  It will probably be some kind of self renewal, a complete reinvention of self.  There’s a level of stress, and tension, that comes from the deep within you, that’s there because you feel frustrated because you can’t find meaningful ways to express yourself, your real self, your Self, your soul.
Your soul wants to break out, and over the next few years it will be very difficult to stop it ‘having its say!’  
The current energies have just turned a massive spotlight on that magnifies everything!  Everywhere your eye goes, especially your inner eye, is now magnified, expanded, huge, extreme.  So now you can see things very clearly and easily!  There is a lot of healing available at this time, particularly of the Base Chakra and the Sacral Chakra levels – just ask to receive it for your highest good!
The Divine Feminine is at hand, magnifying the abuse of the past, until there is a deep and substantial change in attitudes, including sexual attitudes.  
The ‘magnification mirror’ will be passing over all control freaks, power abusers, and dodgy dealers over the next two years, for all to see.  What a great astral cleansing we are about to witness! 
This also include those parts of ourselves that need to be less controlling, less rude, less dismissive.  This is not our true nature, we have become unfaithful to our true nature, we do not trust our true inner nature, some don’t know it exists, they haven’t touched it.  Then we wonder why disaster happens in our lives, why our health fails us, why people are unfaithful, why we are ignored, why we are not trusted.  Let’s remember that all this ‘stuff’ is not us, not really, and find that place within and without that is us.
There’s no point in trying to make sense of these times.  Love does not lie.
Blessings of love,
August 09, 2017




As you are probably aware we are in a significant eclipse season, we have over the past few days had a partial eclipse of the Full Moon, which leads us and prepares us for a solar eclipse in two weeks (21/22 August), this is being called the ‘Great American Eclipse.’
It is called this because this total solar eclipse spans the entire U.S.A. from East to West coast, and therefore will be visible to many millions of Americans.  Wherever an eclipse is visible it has a very powerful effect on those people (and animals); the rest of the world will also feel it powerfully, but not so intensely.  
On the level of consciousness, eclipses always indicate an ending, as the sun, the light, disappears for a moment or two; there is a pause with no light (sun), and then the light reappears, and a new beginning, a new phase begins.  Eclipses are a door or gateway to a different future.  This is especially true of this total solar eclipse.
The two weeks in between these two eclipses is also very important, and it is essential to be mindful of the energies at work during these two weeks.  During these two weeks the energies are such that they create a vortex that expands and amplifies whatever we think, say and do.  So it is important to think, say and do positive, life-enhancing, uplifting things.  
Also, during this time, it would be helpful to both you and the collective consciousness if you, for these two weeks, imagined and lived (as much as you can) the life you really really want to live.  This includes not being negative for those two weeks, both in thought, word and deed.  Imagine, visualize, the highest and greatest possible life that you have ever wanted.  Dress how you would be in that amazing life (for two weeks), have the attitude, the feeling state and confidence that you would if you were living that way.  Fake it to make it.  This is the energy in which to ‘set your intention’ so that it can more easily manifest.  Basically, whatever you are thinking, and doing during this two week period will be amplified and will guide your future.  
As this can be quite a ‘fiery’ and intense time, there may be a tendency towards anger, frustration, and emotional outbursts.  Whenever there is fiery energy around, the best way to use the energy is to be courageous, be daring, and express your inner spiritual warrior or inner fire goddess.  
What else can you expect during these two weeks, and what will this truly exceptional solar eclipse usher in?
During this time there is for a few moments a change in the natural light, and the usual order of things is eclipsed, creating a vortex through which greater spiritual force and light surges throughout our world (especially effecting Americans).  We are all effected to some degree, this impacts our consciousness, minds and hearts… we receive or are impacted by this added spiritual light.  
This light creates a far greater concentration and intensity of experience.  There will be a sense of a lot happening in a short time. Time is quirky.  Also, greater possibility for extraordinary experiences.  If you are aware and can flow with the energy, it is a time for your soul to finish one out-dated way of life and fully enter a new phase; it is transition for the soul.
There is also a sense of ‘unmasking’ both for the individual, and for leaders of governments (especially America).  Remember, that there is always an unmet need attached to one’s persona or mask.  A lot of truth is revealed.
This solar eclipse energy also ushers in an empowering shift from the dominance of the masculine-type leadership to more feminine-type leadership, which is more consensual, co-operative and people-centred.  On a spiritual level this vortex brings in the Divine Feminine forces (Ascended Masters and Goddess energies) that are particularly strong, grounded, and fiery.  This is what we need.  Lioness goddesses.
During the two weeks events both in your life, and in the world, are more karmic.  They have a pre-destined sense about them.  Take note of what’s happening in your life during this time, as you see your future unfold.  It will be significant.  This eclipse period is not self-activating, which means you are not creating it, this eclipse energy that is coming in is ‘bigger’ than you – it is evolutionary.  
Relationships will be effected, and will either become deeper and stronger, or if they are weak and not part of your future, there will be a shake-up.
Significant eclipses have an impact for very many years; this Great American Eclipse relates and corresponds energetically to the total solar eclipse of August 11, 1999.  The 1999 was also extraordinarily powerful and tipped the world in another direction.  Think for a moment of what happened in your life from mid-1999 to 2003, it was probably quite a shake-up and/or a positive directional change.  There will be a connection to what happened then and what’s about to happen over the next few years.  
Obviously, as the solar eclipse is visible in the entire region of America (which is very rare) this eclipse energy is going to have quite a transformational effect on America.  How they use and respond to this energy, is as always, up to them.  This eclipse will have a significant impact on their current leader, President Trump, and his government, not necessarily immediately but over the next six months to a year.
There maybe other ‘shake-ups’ in the world, including our natural world, the Earth.  We may see more earthquakes, volcanos erupting, and extreme weather, especially in America.
If I was going to name the energy of this current solar eclipse, I would call it:  YOUR BEST PERFORMANCE.  So lets focus collectively and make the next few years:
                                                                       OUR BEST PERFORMANCE
The forces are with us!
Claire East
June 21, 2017






Happy Solstice! 
Spare a moment for the solstice energy today, and give thanks for all the sun and its glorious life, light and warmth gives us.  As we know, Solstice is a very ancient celebration of the sun’s forces – in Northern Hemisphere it is the longest day (light), in the Southern Hemisphere it is the shortest day (light).
We join with all our ancestors in recognizing the power and importance of Nature, of which we are a part, and also custodian.
Each Solstice is a turning point, a change in energy.  At this time in 2017, there is a powerful energy surge to bring in a new cycle, new opportunities, a new vibration.  There is a ‘forceful’ almost ‘fierce’ feeling to this Solstice energy that can create irritation within, and brooding without.  This sense of forcefulness can be understood as a creative push to bring something new in… dare to do it.
In a way, the Solstice energy initiates and foreshadows the next six months ‘til the next Solstice.  So its good to take note of what is going on in your life, and what new thing, new idea, is trying to be birthed through you.  This happens over the next few weeks, not just today.
There is a feeling of uncertainty in the world, and of change, and of not knowing which way situations in your life will go.  Over the next few months there is a sense of secrets waiting to be revealed, that feeling of things just out of reach, of not being quite there yet.
The next six months looks more loving, more caring, a warm lovely energy flowing, it’s a more feminine energy.  To really embrace this, and feel it, you need to be open and receptive to it.  It helps to say:  IAM AND I FEEL.  It is your divine right to feel fully ALIVE, and enjoy life.
Our minds are becoming more and more digitalized, that is, effected by the very fast digital world; this digital world has created a vibrational field that is engulfing the planet, pulling us in, making it harder for us to remain centred, still, individual, and you.  The digital field triggers us all the time, with too much to process.  We need to become more conscious of this and choose consciously when to enter into that digital field, and when to take and make our own field, that is, remember to own your SPACE, just for you.  Take time to think, consider, ponder.  Claim your own PACE also, and connect with your own SPIRIT within.  Doing this in Nature, is especially good and beneficial.
Many blessings,
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